Code of Conduct & Ethics


January 30, 2018

Dear Business Partner:

The core values that guide the Warn team are Honesty, Commitment, Teamwork, Partner with Customers, Lead by Example, Personal Development and Never Compromise Trust. We also have internal controls that give our company structure and provide guidance on values, conduct and behavior. Each Warn team member is expected to act in an honest and fair way with everyone that we do business with.

Our parent company, LKQ Corporation, is a publicly traded corporation. As part of their governance policies, LKQ has a written Code of Conduct for all business operations. These guidelines help us clearly identify that fraud, deception, dishonesty, unfair competition, and other questionable personal and business integrity actions are not allowed. These guidelines also help us understand that the culture of Warn Industries and LKQ involves supporting a healthy, safe work environment, being fair and honest, showing respect and support of our team members, and following laws and regulations.

The Code of Conduct applies to any business partner that represents Warn Industries, and we expect our partners to apply the same ethical standards as our team members and be in compliance with various laws and regulations.

I am asking that you read this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to understand how it applies to your company. If you have any questions, please speak with your regular Warn team contact or Karl Christensen at 503.722.3057 or

Further information on LKQ's corporate compliance is available here

Thank you for your support of these business practices.

Kyle A. Shiminski
Vice President & General Manager
Warn Industries, Inc