Ultimate Performance Series


The Perfect Companion For Your Adventure

From the top of Alaska’s remote Dalton Highway to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, adventure-seekers trust the ultra-reliable WARN Ultimate Performance Winch: ZEON Platinum. It’s the pinnacle of WARN winch technology (and anyone else's for that matter). Make no mistake: this is the top of the winching food chain. Go ahead. Start checking off your bucket list, however challenging it may be.


The WARN ZEON Platinum winches offer advanced technology and ultimate performance for those who eat, sleep, and dream of adventure.
92830 ZEON 10 Platinum
includes 24.4m of 9.5mm steel rope and roller fairlead and the advanced wireless remote.
93680 ZEON 10-S Platinum
includes 24.4m of 9.5mm Spydura synthetic rope, polished aluminum hawse fairlead and the Advanced Wireless Remote
93685 ZEON 12 Platinum
includes 24.4m of 9.5mm steel rope, roller fairlead and the Advanced Wireless Remote
96035 ZEON 12-S Platinum
includes 24.4m of 9.5mm Spydura Pro synthetic rope, polished aluminum hawse fairlead and the Advanced Wireless Remote

Pulling Winching Into the 21st Century

With state-of-the-art features, cutting-edge technology, and world-class engineering, the ZEON Platinum is the future of winching. The one-of-a-kind Advanced Wireless Remote controls the clutch, power in/power out, plus it displays motor temperature and vehicle battery info. It also can control two 12-volt accessories, which can be plugged directly into the winch.

  • + High-speed motor and unique gear train provides 33% faster line speed than the ZEON(Up to 70% faster than other winches!) and increased durability
  • + Plug two 12V accessories directly into the winch and control with remote—no drilling through the firewall
  • + Full IP68 waterproofing keeps water and the elements out
  • + Large diameter drum reduces rope wear, dissipates brake heat, and features a unique rope anchor system for strength
  • + Convertible control pack for upright or low-profile mounting options
  • + Best-in-class cone brake; holds the winch’s full-rated load
  • + Available in 4536 kg and 5443 kg capacities with lightweight, easy-to-handle Spydura synthetic rope or durable steel rope
  • + Industry-leading warranty: Limited lifetime (mechanical components); seven year (electrical components)

Faster Line Speed over the ZEON


12V Ports for Accessories


Water and Dust Proofing Rated


Advanced Wireless Remote Included


KG Pulling Capacities Available

AWR - Advanced Wireless Remote

The Advanced Wireless Remote is no ordinary controller. It puts total control in the palm of your hand. It controls the winch, the clutch, and up to two 12V accessories, such as auxiliary lights. This sophisticated advanced remote controls operation of the remote clutch, winch drum, and much more.

  • + Now the clutch is in your hand, not on the winch
  • + Thermometrics—instant feedback on winch motor temperature
  • + Battery condition— monitor vehicle battery charge level
  • + Auxiliary controls—control the winch and up to two accessories. Tie in your lights or other auxiliary 12V gear
  • + Includes USB charging cable and car charger adapter

Spydura Synthetic Rope

Spydura® synthetic winch rope is constructed of a unique ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material and offers high abrasion resistance and tremendous tensile strength. Coated with high temperature urethane, equipped with a temperature resistant sleeve on the first layer and a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve, Spydura synthetic winch rope provides extreme protection against wear and abrasion. The unique self-tightening rope attachment designed to hold the rope secure on the winch drum makes this exclusive offering from WARN ideal for pushing the limits on the trail.

Available on the ZEON 10-S Platinum.

Spydura PRO

Lightweight, durable, and easy-to-handle Spydura Pro rope is 38% stronger than standard Spydura, and up to twice the breaking strength of the competition. Made with a heat treated fiber that delivers maximum tensile strength, Spydura Pro is made for synthetic-compatible WARN winches up to 7,484 kg (16,500 lbs.) capacity.

Available on the ZEON 12-S Platinum.